Where to go in St. Lawrence, Quebec


    St. Lawrence is one of the most alluring places in all of creation. It is a system of enormous estuaries that are big enough to accommodate ocean going vessels that bring revenue from the outer edges of the coast to the inner reaches of Lake Superior. And what a journey it is when you’re lucky enough to witness the slow and laborious shuffle of a steamer in the shipping lane of the St. Lawrence seaway.

    From there travel to Thousand Islands where upon you are presented with a vista that takes away your breath. On one tiny island is a tree accompanied by two little shrubs that reminds you of a family abandoned and yet happy to be left alone to drift. Now drift toward One Heart Island where you will find Boldt Castle, like an enchanting introduction to a page right out of a heart breaking fairy tale. There you’ll learn how the six story castle had been intentionally left unfinished as a tribute to Boldt’s love who had tragically and suddenly died.


    The Thousand Island bridge is a journey across a canopy of ever green leaves and every turn of the eye beholds a discovery that will leave your chin dropping further toward the earth. Speaking of which, just opened is Skywood Ropes Course where you get to ‘fly’ as you walk across rope bridges suspended between treetops.

    Vintners will take your attention and with a thirst to quench you get to sample the tastes of the region with pure filtered St. Lawrence River water as a chaser. Board a boat for a river cruise and drink in the scenic perimeters of both banks. What a post card it makes. Settle for a birds eye view in a helicopter from where you can truly experience the beauty and the verdant greenery so typical of this pocket of paradise. The sights, the sounds, the emotional closeness you will feel in this region is exhilarating to a degree where you’ll believe you’re truly in heaven.


    What about Baie De Beauport for some wind surfing? People everywhere drift on catamarans while some kayak or kite surf on this expanse of glass-like water that glistens like fractured diamonds in the sunshine. Allow the river waters to guide you to where the whales in Tadoussac play; where the salt and fresh water kiss.

    Sink your proverbial teeth into the sights, the sounds, the incredible scenery that will rob you of breath more than once during this trip. At Mont-Saint-Anne, a mountain resort you can hike or ride a mountain bike or play a round of golf and that gondola ride, high above the trees in the mountains. What a view!

    All this walking and driving can leave a person hungry. In Quebec, Poutine, a ‘national’ dish where fries and cheese curds swim in a generous pool of gravy is on offer at road-side trucks which are found on many of the busy streets. Be aware, there are 24 kinds of poutine. One dish of this immense coronary-in-a-bowl is sufficient for the hungriest person alive.

    You can stuff yourself silly with donuts and pies and drown them with apple juice or apple cider chasers. What about a dish they call Poor Man’s Pudding, or Pouding Chomeur? This much delicious can be found in acres of cake and maple syrup which you don’t see once the cake is baked. It’s all inside waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

    Meat dishes are usually baked or grilled and there are many steak houses to choose from throughout. The food in Quebec is largely influenced by France and Ireland and retains a signature of rich and earthy tastes. Breakfast to begin a new day can be anything from eggs, toast with a delicious pork spread over it, French toast, fruit, baked beans or sausages and we mustn’t forget the pancakes with rivers of maple syrup.

    From the arts, the Cinema of Quebec, the Cafe Theatre on Saint Lawrence Boulevard, the circus arts and the dance, it is a place that is exploding with taste and appreciation. From the St. Lawrence River, the heart of Quebec where the city’s blood flows with profound importance to the shores of the river where the homes of most of Quebec’s population rests, is an un surpassed paradise.

    From the turning of the leaves on the trees as fall descends, to the winter wonderlands that capture another place in another time, there is no place on earth that can inspire and transcend as can St. Lawrence in Quebec.