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    Scuba Diving in Canada

    When people think of Canada, their first thought might be how chilly and snowy it is in the winter, the rolling mountains of trees, or the completely unexplored land that has yet to be touched by man. What they may not think about is scuba diving. However, Canada has some of the most majestic waters for scuba diving. The water temperatures are counted as some of the best in the world for scuba diving purposes, not to mention the gorgeous marine life that can be found under the surface of the sea will lead any diver on a merry adventure.

    Where to go Scuba Diving in Canada

    One of the best places to scuba dive in Canada is Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. This area is known for its marvelous artificial reef, vibrantly colored kelp, anemones, and sponges. Among the stunning underwater backdrop you will find flirtatious seals, wolf eels, six-gill sharks, and gigantic Pacific octopus (which may or may not look a lot like an angry Muppet). You get to frolic and play with the majestic marine life as it makes you feel a sense of oneness with the ocean. It is truly an unforgettable and fantastic experience!


    Right at the entrance to the Campbell River is Georgia Strait, another amazing place to dive in, and it offers some breath taking scuba diving pleasures. This area has clear visibility of the many life forms that have created homes among the sunken ships and log booms. Because of the amount of vibrant color from the plants and marine life, it is suggested that you carry an underwater light with you at all times to be able to catch the incredible vibrancy of the underwater world that is Georgia Strait.

    If you’re looking for a freshwater diving experience, there’s always Fathom Five National Marine Park. Located on Lake Huron, this fantastic dive site is home to 22 ship wrecks and 420 million year old dolomite. It is the perfect place to explore. When you’re done diving you can continue to explore the orchids and grassy forests aplenty.


    Where to Learn Scuba Diving

    If you’re new to scuba diving or need additional training, you can get that at Pacific Pro Dive & Marine Adventures. They have been in business since 1994 and serve the northern Vancouver area. Pacific Pro Dive provides expert training and technique modification to make sure that you are 100% prepared to dive in to scuba diving.

    Another place to learn scuba diving is Sink or Swim Scuba and Water Sports. They are located right in Nanaimo, so if the idea of diving there has caught your interest, you can take up some of their classes right before you dive. They also provide tours, take up weekly drop in dives and sell scuba gear. Sink or Swim is the one stop shop for scuba diving.

    Tips for Beginner Divers

    When choosing a dive operator, you should make sure that safety is your first concern. Watch for operator’s that are Transport-Canada certified to actually be able to take people out to dive. The reason for this is that any dive operator that spends the time and money it takes to get certified, is one that already has your best interest at heart. They are the ones that show they care about your safety, and are proving it with the certification.

    Also, never dive alone. While scuba diving is not the most dangerous of sports it can be incredibly dangerous, especially if done alone. So many complications could arise in which you would need assistance from a buddy diver. If you’re alone and something bad happens you could face injury or possible death. So please make sure that you take a diving buddy, instructor, or guide with you in the chance that something does go wrong. It can save a life, either yours or theirs.

    If diving at Georgia Strait, be sure to do so at low tide when the current isn’t as strong. Actually, the best thing to do is to go with someone that is really experienced. They will be able to guide you and show you how to work the currents or possibly advise against diving while the currents are so strong. Either way, remember how new you are to diving. Don’t pretend to be more experienced than you truly are. In this instance being 100% honest with yourself and others will save your life and theirs.


    Invest in reliable equipment. Yes, it can be more expensive, however you get what you pay for. Think about the purpose of your equipment for a second. That equipment is literally there to save your life. Whether it prevents you from drowning or from getting the bends, it is meant to keep you healthy while underwater. So purchase the best of the best. After all, your life is worth it. Check this out if you need dive computer reviews. For other gear and equipment you need for diving, head to ScubaList.Pro. If it’s a reliable, good quality watch you need for your dives, see

    Get your dental work taken care of before diving. If you’re dealing with a slight tooth ache or irritant now wait until you get more than 25 feet below the surface. Heck, even if you’re teeth aren’t hurting but you have a few known cavities, get them fixed to prevent tooth pain from an issue you didn’t think would come up. The pressure from being so far below the surface of the water will continue to build up and put enough pressure around you that you might feel as if your tooth is about to explode. So visiting the dentist before diving is wise.

    While scuba diving in Canada could be considered one of the best well kept secrets, there is no doubt that it’s one of the better areas for diving. The marine life is vastly different than those that are found in the Caribbean, the water temperatures are near to perfect, and the majestic beauty that lies just below the surface is breathtaking to say the least. Add in the numerous ship wrecks to explore, even in fresh water diving spots, it is the perfect vacation spot for taking part in an amazing adventure.

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