Discover St Lawrence


    The Saint Lawrence river in Quebec is one of the most spectacular waterways in the whole of the Canada. The landscape along the river was formed by glaciers and this creates some really striking scenery. A trip along the river will also take in a number of quaint little fishing villages, as well as the cities of Montreal, Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres.

    The river is fed by the Great Lakes and flows for over 1200km. It’s estuary is not only the largest in the world, but also the deepest. The Saguenay-Saint Lawrence Marine Park was set up to protect the marine life that live in the bay of Tadoussac. This is a unique site where freshwater and saltwater meet to create the perfect environment for marine life to thrive. This area is home to whales as well as a wide range of other marine animals.

    Saint Lawrence was discovered in 1535 by Jaques Cartier and since then it has had a long and varied history as it became a main trade route into Canada. From here goods were able to be transported to the whole of the North American continent. Today the history of this area can be explored by cruise ship, and passengers will have plenty of opportunities to explore the towns and cities that the river flows through.

    The Saint Lawrence is wide enough for even the largest cruise ships to sail down, and a number of cruises take in the river during the cruise season, which generally lasts from May to October. This can range from cruises that will travel along Canada and down to the East coast of North America, to transatlantic cruises that will travel to Europe. The ports of call that will be made along the Saint Lawrence river will vary depending on the itinerary of the cruise.